Finally, get your cat to respect you (and your furniture), go to the litter box, walk on a leash and so much more - For just $1.00 

The Pro Cat Training Guide - Your guide to a happier, more peaceful life for both you and your cat

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What You'll Learn In The Pro Cat Training Guide

  • Cure bad behavior: There are no inherently bad cats... only owners with not enough knowledge! Find out how to gain the cat's respect, stop it from scratching and eating houseplants.
  • Teach useful habits: Cat refuses to go to the liter box? Rushes out when the door is opened? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This guide will show you how to modify your cat's behaviour so that it behaves like a civilized pers...oops, we meant cat :) 
    On page 28 you will even find out how make it accept brushing in peace... no more scratches, bites and cat hair everywhere!
  • General "cat stuff" knowledge: What behaviours need to be learned? What is the bare minimum training it needs? It's all laid out in this professional cat training guide!

All this premium knowledge comes in both written word and as an audio book. Listen whenever, however is comfortable for you!

Learn how to train your cat and give both of you a better life!

Consider this... how much would you give so that your cat can finally go pee where it's supposed to pee?

How much would you give so that your hands are not always covered in bleeding scratch wounds

Or so that you can leave a fragile object on the table and the cat doesn't climb up and break it?

As cat owners we know we would give hundreds of dollars for it.. but we will only charge you $1.00!

The truth is, cats CAN be trained and a little goes a long way. Once you unlock the secrets to getting your cat's respect and learning exactly HOW your cat thinks you'll be able to teach (and stop) the behaviors you want. You'll both be happier when your beloved kitty is safe and your home is not ruled by a four legged dictator!

Risk Free - If you don't like it just send us an email and you'll get a full refund!

"But I have a perfect relationship with my cat. Why do I need this?"

This is a very common question we get. 

But it's like asking "I already get along with my spouse" / "I am good in enough in my profession" etc. etc.

And the answer is this - you simply don't know how much happier and more fulfulling life you can have if you implement just a few steps to improve it.

In time you will look back and say.... "What was I thinking? What I have now is soo much better than what it used to be!"

But you would never know unless you try to improve it!

The Pro Cat Training Guide is not only for people who can't stand their misbehaving cat!

It's also for people who would love to teach their kitty something new or simply understand their needs better.

Check out what other people are saying about the
Pro Cat Training Guide Out of over 1000 orders!

"I can finally leave my cat alone in the house" - Sarah G., Seattle

My cat would wreak havoc whenever I would go to work. It was a disaster. Every day I would wonder what am I going to have to fix when I come home.

However, after reading the Pro Cat Training Guide and applying it's principles I can finally leave my cat alone in the house!

"The relationship with my cat improved dramatically" - Maria H., London

We used to hate each other. It was actually my husband that wanted this little monster and from day one we didn't get along.

When I purchased the guide I did not expect much improvement. However, after couple of weeks our little Jeffrey started bahaving like a normal cat should. I even started to love him!

"This awesome guide helped me get a deeper understanding of my cat's needs" - Steven J., Houston

It wasn't that my cat was bad or something, but there were some minor changes that I wanted to make in him. After all, even if your cat doesn't misbehave it helps if you know what your kitty wants. This awesome guide helped me get a deeper understand of my cat's needs, so thank you for that!

About Cat Lovers

In the beginning there were 3 cats...
Hi, I'm OJ and those above are the 3 cats that started everything. The grey one is always being proud and a bit reserved, so I literally couldn't find a picture of all 3 of them hugging each other. The first 2 boys however are the best friends you could imagine!

As is the case with so many other people, I had a father that was quite resistant to the idea of having a cat. You probably don't need me to explain you the reasons…
"OJ, they are gonna ruin the house"
"OJ, who is going to feed them??"
"These are just a mess and an unnecessary expense!"

The list went on and on… however, me and my mother begged him (I was in my late teens at the time) and so it finally happened…

The first one was really attached to me. We took her when she was only 1 month old, but she was as fierce as it gets lol! I remember her hiding behind the corners and attacking my feet.... and also hissing at me if I would disturb here while she was eating. I gradually got closer and closer with her and we would play for hours. There was even one time (the only time I have seen this) when she was actually so exhausted she was breathing with her tongue out like a dog! That was hilarious…

With time, even my father started loving her. She would crawl in his lap and sleep for our there... and he would call her "my daughter". WOW! That was a twist none of us expected! But it goes to show you the power of these magnicificent creatures!
And so as time passed by, we knew we needed more cats! Of course, none of us thought like that initially, but then something like a miracle happened... My mother went to a small church to the countryside and there was a cat who had just given birth there. One of the little kittens was a 2 month old white beauty that came up and set in my mothers' lap and literally did not move away for 2 hours! By the end of the meeting she just couldn't leave him... So she came home and introduced us to our second cat…

"But wait, mom, we have another one! Are you crazy? What if they start fighting??"
That was a legit concern… but guess what! It didn't happen! May be because the older one was a female it just basically "adopted" the new cat and started acting like it's mother. They started sleeping together, she was licking him… it was so nice to see! 

And one day... the unthinkable happened... we had just washed them (we lived in an apartment, so they weren't washed really frequently) and put them in the same room afterwards. I don't know what got wrong, but the second cat Murray started chasing his "mom" and hissing and biting etc… we had never seen him like that… and that was the end of their relationship. 
Now they just avoid each other, but at least there is peace…

Fortunately for Murray, we got a third one (it never stops, does it??). And now they became the best friends! Playing, hugging, even calling each other when they can't find the other. They are so sweet!
Of course, that was many years ago. As a fully grown individual I never lost my love for cats though! I will always remember the great times I had spent playing with them, petting them, watching them do stupid stuff... So the most logical thing to do was start something that had to do with cats on the side. And that's how Cat Lovers was born! Gradually I started reaching out to friends that had the same passion as I did and we started our small business with the goal of making millions of cat owners (and their cats) around the world happy and bring them the products and information they need.

Why are we doing this?

You are probably wondering why we are giving you this product and books and guides at such a gret deal, right?

First Reason - We're selling it at a special promotion because we hope to reach a lot more cat owners through word of mouth and essentially grow our small cat business amidst huge corporations playing the undercutting game and selling pet products to customers they don't know or even care about (and who never owned a cat in their life!).  
Second reason - As a customer who owns a cat or have a friend or relative who does, we think we can provide you with a lot of useful advice and information about how better take care, connect or even choose a cat. This is why with this book we want to introduce you to the Cat Lovers Elite (CLE). What do you get when you join it? Premium guides about how to better take care of your cat; what to feed it to promote it's health; how to start understanding it's language and what it's trying to tell you. And a whole lot of other good and useful stuff!

Why do you need to be part of Cat Lovers Elite?

You see,  there are a lot of products that can be used to make your life and the life of your cat better. Toys, food, litter boxes, scratching posts, comfortable beds etc etc. But there is one thing that combines all of them and that we, as cat owners, need more than anything else - knowledge. 
While we all already know this, we also simultaneously realize how difficult attaining knowledge can be. The learning curve can be steep, mastering skills often happens slowly, and the material we need to learn can feel confusing, broad and overwhelming. Sometimes, too, it can be hard to determine whether a source of information is even reliable enough to help us on our quest for valuable knowledge.
You might say "Well, I can find everything I need to know online. I’ll just find it on the internet.”
You’re right. Everything is on the internet. Including all of the medicine books and all of the laws. But has anyone become a doctor or a lawyer by browsing the web? I don't think so…
Caring for your cat is a skill — a skill we all need to master. It doesn't end with just "tossing it a toy and giving it food and forgetting it". 
We in Cat Lovers Elite want to offer you these skills and knowledge in an easy to digest and structured way. Trust me, both you and you cat will thank you for it.
This product will be yours when you join Cat Lovers Elite. Here is the policy for it: You will have a free trial period of 3 days in which you can check your membership area and your lessons and see if you like it. Billed $34.99/m afterwards. Cancel any time (including during the free trial) by mailing us at
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